Why wedding dresses are expensive

All ladies dream of having a glamorous wedding, one that will match their expectations and leave everyone talking about how fantastic it was. It’s for this reason that we as ladies really plan hard for our weddings and ensure that we consider every important detail that is going to make the wedding day a success.

And talking about planning for a wedding, one of the most important considerations is the choice of the wedding dress one is going to wear. Each one us has her own taste or preference of type of wedding dress she would like to wear. The only question is. . .are you able to afford it? Don’t answer this too quickly unless you are looking for beach wedding dresses.

Each and every year lots of ladies are left frustrated with the choice of their wedding gowns or dresses simply because they did not take sufficient time to research more about their choice of wedding dresses and how much they cost. In most cases, their dream wedding dresses are far expensive than they expected forcing them to settle or buy cheaper gowns that they don’t fancy at all. So this draws us to our main question-how expensive should wedding dresses be?

Before answering this question, it’s important to learn and understand the factors that determine the cost of a wedding dress. Some of the key factors are as follows;

A) The cost depends on your location; Your location really matters a lot when it comes to the choice of your wedding dress. Some states would charge you much higher for your wedding dress as compared to other states for the same dress. According to a recent survey conducted by fashion experts in the US, brides in New York pay more for their wedding dresses as compared to brides in other states.

B) The choice of wedding dress fabric; To a large extent, the choice of fabric will dictate the price of your wedding dress. Most bridal dresses are made using silk, polyester (satin), and velvet. Of these, silk ranks as the most expensive fabric option…This is so because a silk costs about 19$ to 35$ per yard, satin, on the other hand, costs about $7 to $13 per yard and finally velvet costs around $14 to $35 per yard.

C) Craftsmanship and Decorative designs/touches; machine-made wedding dresses are less expensive when compared tailor-made or custom designed wedding dresses which are much more expensive. Moreover, wedding dresses with extra decorative touches tend to be more costly when compared to plain gowns.

D) The size of your dress; as discussed earlier if you fancy a longer bridal gown then you will have to fork out more money as more yards of fabric will be required to make your dress.

So what’s the average price of a wedding dress?

According to a recent survey conducted by Lyst an e-commerce fashion site so far in 2018, the average bride fancy’s a wedding dress that retails for around $889 a significant decrease in the average price of what was demanded last year.

In another survey conducted by the Knot in 2017, their figures show that brides were willing to pay much higher for their wedding dresses and the average price ranged between $1,469 to $1, 564. Also noted in their research was that different states had their own specific prices for the different wedding gowns a major reason for price variation among different States. Moreover, over 90 percent of the brides preferred purchasing their wedding dresses as opposed to the idea of having to design and make their own dresses.


The price of a wedding dress to a large extent depends on the following factors; your location, choice of wedding dress fabric, craftsmanship and decorative touches and the size of the dress. So how expensive your wedding dress is going to cost you will to a large extent depend on your taste and preferences i.e. which kind of fabric you would like to be used in making your gown. Combining all these factors then you should be able to come up with a suitable figure.

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