Why we recommend this particular beard trimmer

Philips offers variety of beard trimmers but the Philips Norelco 7200 is the only one which comes with a built-in vacuum. As compared to all the other trimmers The Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 is the best looking and attractive with a polished body and a great finish which is resistant to fingers. It is designed to make you feel confident every single day. It is designed in a black and Grey plastic bag, and a blue dial to adjust the lengths and an onloff button at the bottom.

The innovative vacuum system enables you to create your own look anytime and any where with its cordless and rechargeable features that gives you a perfect trim without causing any harm to your skin. It have incredible built-in vacuum system and perfect level of blades that collects Up to 90% of facial hair. Works very smoothly and quickly without making a mess, you only need to trim a particular area just once no need to repeatedly struggle with it. It have a clear plastic with a funnel which helps in collecting the hair at the top and comes with two trimmer heads, self sharpening steel blades, a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaning tool, 2 combs that can be adjusted to your desired setting and adjustable lengths of blades which uses the Iift-and-trim technology. This is not a typical product that you can find in beard care kits from http://beardcareshop.com/beard-care-kits/.

Comes with lithium-ion battery that runs Up to 80 minutes and a battery indicator which quickly determines the battery status. It gets fully charged in just an hour and also have 20 precision length settings displayed from 05-10 mm. You just have to dial at the right-hand side of it and simply you can choose your compatible mode. The best part is that it is very simple to handle and clean yet Stylish. Covers almost every stray whisker even while you charging it. The skin friendly blades which are stamped both in finish and sharpness made with pure steal and are designed to perfectly cut each hair and allows you to create your unique look for the day just within seconds. It comes with washable attachments that enables you to simply clean the blades.

lt is perfect for the men previously struggled with trimming issues as it is perfectly created to overcome all the issues of trimming. Unlike other trimmers the steel blades of this trimmer doesn’t have a nickel which makes it a irritation free product. The trimmer head can be easily removed which helps you in cleaning the vacuum properly or you can swap over to the smaller trimmer head as per your need. It gives you a fantastic offer which you can find in the terms section at the back of the user manual says “Philips Norelco’s 45 day return guarantee”. What else you can ask for? It gives you a full surety to buy the product without any hesitation. If you do not find it useful or worthy there is this offer for you, all your money fully gets refunded. This is a full safety for you that does not make you feel like you got stuck with a trimmer which is not perfect for you.

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