Why are hemp clones so important

Is it important to legalize the medicinal use of hemp in the world? Can you improve the lifestyle of people with diseases that traditional medicine has not been able to appease? When we talk about hemp, we may encounter with numerous obstacles. The notorious usage has declared hemp as something which is problematic, but have we all considered the importance of hemp as a natural medicine? Let’s take a closer look in its immense possibilities and the rise of cannabis and hemp clones for sale.

The hemp is proven to be effective with treatments of all cancers and leukemia, neurological and autoimmune disorders, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, psoriasis and various skin conditions;, insomnia, anorexia, PTSD, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, dementia, schizophrenia, childhood autism, and especially depression, as well as many others. The hemp oil is actually stimulated in a natural way through our endocannabinoid receptor system, the defensive and regulatory functions of the organism and it is fully consistent with our body. When you look it this way, can anyone say that its usage can be harmful for those who actually need a cure, which hasn’t been found for all the aforementioned diseases?

The essence is that the overall synergistic effect of all compounds in cannabis is crucial in the treatment. The effect of THC is enhanced with CBD and other compounds, and this also applies to CBD and others. It is therefore important to always use a full extract of flowers that is of different varieties – those with more THC or those with more CBD. There is a wide variety of hemp clones, from those with THC and CBD ratio 1: 1 in bloom, to a ratio of 1:40 and vice versa. Varieties that have a higher THC and CBD ratio, especially those with an 80: 1 ratio in favor of THC (species developed as home-grown under the neon light) are not better for medical use, although they contain high level of THC. They must be mixed with oils from which contain CBD. For the cancer, THC is more important (at least 70%, and preferably over 90% so it could actually kill cancer cells, making them to perform the ‘Apoptosis’ – activating the ‘suicide’ cells) and 10 to 20% of CBD. CBD prevents further spread, i.e. disobedient cancer cells, by stopping the division of the genetic material into the cell itself, as well as the transfer of the genetic material.

Depending on the disease the amount of oil you should take may vary; if it is a serious disease, especially cancer. The minimum daily dose recommended is 1g = 1ml, and preferably more grams are divided into several terms daily in combination with orally suppositories.

However, many are worried about the criminal rates when it comes to hemp. After carefully studying historical data on crime, a team of researchers at the University of Texas in Dallas has recently found no significant evidence to suggest an increased crime rate as the onslaught of the medical marijuana industry. Moreover, countries where medical marijuana is legalized show the overall decline in the number of violent crimes.

The sick people, people from all over the world, the children with various diseases and their parents, would definitely support the growth of hemp clones. There is a saying: The healthy persons have many wishes, but the ill ones have just one. If there is a cure, we should support it and leave all the prejudices aside.

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