Tips on Betting Skins and Items on CSGO

CSGO is a very popular game. It is such a popular game that you can bet skins and get third party sites and win gear and real money that is usable on steam. This is unregulated so it is currently a legal and fun way to bet, get some CSGO Betting Advice today.

How to Use Skins

Each skin is worth real money. When you turn items in on the site they will give you credits based on the value. You can use these credits to play games to earn betting credits or bet on matches when you have enough of them. When you are done you can withdraw items based on how many credits you have accumulated. It is a simple and fun way to bet.

Trust Your Site

You will want to pick a trustworthy site with a layout that you like. This is all up to personal choice. You will spend the majority of your time betting, but you will need to make sure the service has games that you enjoy and are good at so you can earn skins and credits when you are not betting.

Now that you know how the betting system works let’s look at three tips on how to bet. These will help you win matches and turn a good profit.

1.) Analyze

Look at prior matches between the two teams. Has either team made major changes between their matches? Maybe they switched their roster and it has improved or gotten worse. Also look at their team performance rates to see if they have been working well as a team lately. Another great thing they should look for is for fill ins, or new players that have been added to the team in the last few weeks.

2.) Look at Rosters

Look at each team’s roster for successes or failures based on specific team members. If there is then make sure they are participating in the match. If they are make sure they have at least forty practice hours in. If they don’t they could be rusty, not play as well, and possibly make their team lose the match.

3.) Use Predictor Information

Look at what the predictors say. They have been watching the teams for a long time and have a good idea of how the match will go. They have been watching the practice times, play style, and late breaking news for both times. They can even tell you how much money you should bet.


If you want to legally bet betting skins on CSGO is a great, legal way to do it. This is an amazing game that lets you earn credits through playing games and betting. It is a great way to start betting without wasting much money.

There are easy ways to figure out which team will win the match. You can either follow these steps on your own, or trust a predictor. This is up to your preference, and amount of time that you have time to play. I hope you give this game a chance if you are looking into online video game betting.

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