The essential diamond ring guide

For a very long time an engagement diamond ring has been a symbol of love, and uncompromising token of trust. When you have found the girl, that is your soulmate and you want to turn your relationship into a lifelong journey, then choosing the right engagement diamond ring will not only be a luxurious gift, but a reminder of a great bond worth fighting for, no matter the cost.

For some men this can be a demanding task, especially if they are not familiar with the world of jewelry. Start at

Settle on a budget :
This not only helps you, by releiving you of unnecessary stress over needless high expectations, but it helps jeweler to present you the options for the diamond within your price range.
Remember that the price of an engagement ring can be negotiated to suit the mutual needs.
Despite buying an expensive diamond being a nice gesture, it doesnt determine that you are any less of a gentleman, if you are not currently capable of providing a lavish diamond.
At the end it is a symbol of loyalty and acceptance, and you can always buy a more graceful one later.

The presentation :
Another key component of buying the right engagement diamond is organizing a great lead-up to the proposal itself. Some women like a certain type of engagement rings, and if you notice that your future
fiancée has a bias towards a certain color, texture, style, shape or material, so you can use this to your advantage.

You can make the proposal even more romantic and remarkable, if you are crafty and subtle enough to pull off a suprise proposal, by finding out her ring siz :e and preparing a suprise in advance, with the help of her friends or by yourself.

Choosing the diamond :
There are 4 main factors that determine the price and quality of the diamond.
These are the 4 c’s :

The cut:
This determines the angles and proportions of the stone.This is the most important, because it determines the projection of light through the facets to the top of the stone, giving the diamond its recognizable sparkle. If the cutter cuts the diamond too shallow or too deep, not even the perfect carat, clarity or color won’t be able to save it.

The color:
Diamonds cover a wide spectrum of different color to choose from.
They range from D (no color) to Z (lighter shade of yellow).
The colorless are the most expensive, because they are the rarest to find.

The clarity:
The less imperfections a diamond contains, the higher the price will be.
Inclusions are additional minerals or microscopic fractures, and the less there are, the clearer the diamond is, and more expensive.

The carat weight:
This determines the weight of the stone measured by carats.
Although a quality jeweler can shape and mount a diamond, so that it looks more massive for its carat weight.

Ring band, shape and setting:
There are a couple of metals to choose from, with the typical being different types of gold (white, yellow and rose), platinum and silver.
Platinum has great durability, but has difficulty recovering from loss of luster.
Gold is more soft, shinier and easier to polish, but also it deteriorates much faster.

The shapes of a diamond, depending on the preference include :
Princess, heart, pear, oval and round
The setting determines how a diamond stone will be positioned on the ring band.
Among those you can choose from :
Tiffany, channel, bezel, eternity and pave setting.

When the diamond ring is carefully chosen, to match the personality, style and elegance of the lady it is bought for, and when it is picked as a token of absolute devotion, then that is all that really matters.

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