The dreaded SS-5 Form

When certain circumstances in our life change then we need to complete government form called Social Security form to receive a Social Security Card. In order to get this, we need to provide at least two supporting documents to show our identity, age
and Citizenship status. There are many circumstances in life when we require to complete this form to obtain a Social security card.


1). If we never had any social security card before and now we need it for some reasons like to get a job.

2) If we had lost it or it was stolen.

3) If it’s damaged so that it can’t be used anymore.

4). If there is misspellings or wrong data like date of birth associated with card or misspelling in the name then we requireto complete this form to obtain a new card with accurate data.

5). If we have changed our name for some purpose. It may be due to marriage or divorced. We need to fill the SS-5 form to receive a new card with a new name on it.

6). If citizenship status has changed for some reasons.

7). Birth, adoption of the child or looking for an adult dependent we should obtain a social security card in their name to avail special benefits for them.

There are two ways to apply for SS card. One is a quite old-fashioned way and other is the online method from


In this method, we can mail filled form with supporting documents to the nearest office or take them there in person. We can take print of a copy of the form online and fill it on our computer but we have to submit completed form to the office only. There is no other way to recieve a Social security card if you are first time applicant. There is no such website on the web which accepts submission of the SS-5 form online. If you have found any website then don’t use it. It’s a scam.

TIME- It can take up to 10 business days to issue the card.


Recent changes in Social Security administration law made it convenient for the Americans to obtain replacement card easily.
First of all, get registered to the official website of SSA and create an account with my social security. Now go to my home and click on replacement documents and then click on Request a replacement card. Now fill out the information correctly and then save the changes you have made.

NOTE: Online method is only for existing users who have Social Security Number. If you are wishing to obtain a Social security number then you have to go through the first option.
This process is not available for first-time applicants.

TIME- Online method takes 10 business days to get your card ready for pickup.


Social Security administration accepts only original documents. It never accepts photocopies of documents. However, SSA accepts copies of documents certified by the agency.

FOR AGE-. We can use the Birth certificate or Passport as an evidence of age verification.

FOR IDENTITY- SSA accepts US driver’s license, state-issued identity card or US passport. We can use any of them to prove identity.

This service is totally free of cost. Anyone above 18 years of agecan apply for social security card without any charges. SS-5 forms and all other forms are 100% free of cost. Whole information is available on social services administration online.

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