The benefits of floor protectors

When one chooses wood to be used as the floor of the house, there are factors that are considered so as to have a comfortable and stylish house. The size of the room is a major factor. The colors and design used, the quality of the wood and how much lighting there is in the room are also things to be considered.

For your wood floor to last long and still be in good condition after years, you need to take care of it well. Water and especially stagnant water that remains not wiped on the floor after spilling will contribute to a faster destruction of your floor. Always wipe any drop of water that spills on the floor. Vacuuming and sweeping frequently is another way of maintaining good floors. This prevents dust and sand particles from scratching the finish. While cleaning, one is discouraged from using products with vinegar, oil soaps or a wax, as they make the surface slippery and often leave residue. Refrain from using wet mops. Mats and throw rugs are among the best wood floor protectors. Floor protectors for chair legs are especially placed in high traffic areas like in front of doors and kitchen sinks. Floor rags should be moved from time to time to avoid blockage of sunlight under the rug. Heavy duty clear vinyl and polyurethane can also be used.

Floor protectors protect the wood floor from a lot of things, and at the same time keeping your home stunning. Every home owner with a wood floor needs floor protectors to prevent things like;

i). Bad weather: During extreme seasons with heavy rain and during winter, mud, water or the snow may be carried to your living room when people move in and out. With rush mats and rugs in place, the floor won’t be into contact with the dirt brought in the house. It is important to note that mats need to be moved from time to time, to avoid discoloring of the wood, as mats eclipse sun rays.

ii). Damage from shoes: Not all shoes have smooth soles. In a household where people wear different shoes, some with rough soles and high heels, the wood floor is likely to get damaged within a short period. Having floor protectors will save you from repairing you floor every now and then. Avoid walking with stilettos on wood floors.

iii). Scratches: Since there is always some movement in the house, your floor may occasionally get dents and scrapes from activities like walking from room to room, children playing with their toys or even household items like cutlery or electronics dropping. With the wood floor protectors in place, you won’t need to worry about depressions and incisions.

iv). Furniture: Some tables, cupboards, and chairs have wax at the bottom of their legs. Sometimes one may want to change the position of the chairs once in a while, to have a different view of the house. Though wood floor protectors will stop any friction ar any harm to the floors, when moving chairs and tables, avoid dragging them especially if they have waxed bottoms. To make the moving easier and not worry about your floor every time you are changing positions of furniture, one can have floor glides attached to the bottom of the chairs legs.

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