How to use organic hair oil?

There are many oils with different uses, there are for conditions such as respiratory problems, stress, and depression, but today we bring you a new use for these wonderful substances that we call oils, this liquid elixir composed of lipids such as saturated fats and free fatty acids can also have a common use as a treatment for hair, some organic oils such as coconut oil, almonds oil, and olive oil have the property of acting on the hair as a repair, it is also important to know that each organic oil is different and therefore its use has different results , this will depend on the hair that is trying to repair –

The most important thing when starting the treatment is when you should start it and you should know when to decrease the use and even know when to stop it, the beginning of the treatment will be the moment you notice that your hair sees and feels dry with undesirable ends, at this time that the hair has a general decayed appearance will be the perfect time to start this miraculous treatment based on organic oils, experts recommend the use of these oils with unraveled hair to improve the distribution of the oil and thus put in contact all the hair with the oil so that all the powers of this wonderful liquid can help with that hair that so much needs to be moisturized.

Experts in this area also agree that it is not important the time of day that you use the hair oil and it is not important if you have clean hair or not, the oil will act in the same way regardless of the above mentioned. Some recommendations to add to the treatment with oils is to add a source of heat to the hair, which causes the hair to absorb better the nutrients of the oil and thus increase the benefits that are so needed in dry hair.

It is also important to take a constant look at our hair, because if you abuse the wonderful powers of the oil this can end up leaving you a greasy hair with excess moisture that is not the desired effect with this treatment so in this article we recommend use the oils twice a week if you notice that your hair is very dry, but once you start to see the improvement of your hair, when you feel that your hair is sufficiently moisturized, you can decrease the use and place it once a week so as not to have unwanted effects on our new and moisturized hair.

In this article we also want to point out the importance of a pure and organic oil, there are many oils that you sell as organic but in the end are petroleum derived oils or chemicals that can end up damaging your hair, we also want to emphasize that there are many organic oils For each type of hair, but the most recommended is the coconut oil that is what all kinds of hair are doing well. Some oils that are also known to improve the appearance of hair are avocado oil, castor oil, rosemary oil and shea butter, each with a natural benefit that will leave your hair shiny and healthy.

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