How to Study Physics to Get an A-Plus

Physics is the study of nature itself. Everything in this world obeys the laws of physics. Understanding these rules helps us to predict how everything based upon these requirements will behave under given circumstances. Studying physics thus becomes a pleasure and makes us believe in the power of nature. The way of learning physics can hence be inherited from nature itself. The basis of doing well in Physics, therefore, relies heavily on gaining this understanding and relating it to things around us to achieve complete comprehension. The path to achieving mastery over Physics is hence based upon the following steps:


Gaining a full understanding of each step is the most important step in learning Physics. To do well in Physics, one must aim to achieve an understanding of each topic, howsoever minor it may seem. This applies in particular as overall understanding depends on an understanding of each part. Lack of comprehension of any part would lead to gaps in knowledge which would jeopardize further learning process itself.


Learning to Experiment- Supplementing your learning with small-scale experiments will enhance your understanding of the subject. Performing operations is a fun and interactive way of learning physics. That is the precise reason that lab tests are carried out to cement this knowledge. Doing small-scale experiments helps in gaining a complete understanding of the topic.


Making Notes- Writing down the important concepts and making short notes goes a long way in better retention of knowledge, especially during your physics tuition. It is a proven fact that what we understand and write in our own words can be recalled much more easily. Moreover, these notes will provide a tremendous amount of help in revising the topic before the examinations.


Solving Numerical Problems. Mathematical problems are a practical approach to the theory. They help us to understand how the knowledge gained can be utilized. Solving mathematical problems thus helps us to cement the knowledge gained further. Since these always form a major part of the assessments, they must be attempted correctly. The following steps summarize how to attack the mathematical problems:

-Always write the given data and what is to be found out. This is a major step to convince the examiner that you have been able to comprehend the question properly.

-Draw diagrams where ever possible – this brings out a clarity of thought and helps in understanding the problem analytically.

-Never forget to use the right units. This is a pitfall where some students make a grave mistake.


Try Different Approaches. Remember, there is always more than one way to solve any problem. If you can force yourself to think and develop alternate reasoning to achieve the same results, believe me – you will never forget that concept ever in your life.


Practice, Practice, and Practice is the key to success. Remember the old age saying – Practice makes a man perfect. Hence to achieve perfection, practice lots of questions and always write while you answer your questions. Even while practicing, write the answers the way you would write in an examination. It is a proven fact that while under pressure, you would perform the way you have practiced – hence during the test, you are most likely to write the answers the way you have written during your training sessions. Therefore make every practice effort a serious one. If you do get stuck, it would be worthwhile to get some expert help rather than wasting time. Even when you are seeking expert help, it must be ensured that you understand the concept fully rather than just getting the problem solved. This way you will be able to take on any questions related to that topic later also.

Most importantly have faith and confidence that you can do it. This confidence will come in automatically when you have done your bit, and you will then be ready to take on the exam.

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