How To Apply For a Social Security Card Online

A social security card is a card issued by the US government to its citizens and to eligible dwellers to permit them to work and earn within the jurisdictions
of the land.

Now and then you will be required to apply for an SSN card for different reasons such as;

· Replacing a lost SSN card.

· To change the name displayed on the card.

· When applying for your first social security number.

· For purposes of updating your social security information and application

SSN holders are advised to keep the 9 digits secret and reveal them to a few people as possible only when relevant. These 9 digits are used to track one’s lifetime earnings by the government for the purpose of determining the net benefits the individual is eligible to enjoy.

How Can You Apply for a Social Security Card Online?

Here are 9 simple steps;

· Web search the USA social security website in Google, make sure it is the legit website by carefully scrutinizing its domain name. On the left upper corner of your screen, check to see if the padlock icon in your browser is locked, this protects you from cyber theft and hackers.

· Equip yourself with a working phone number since it is a requirement during application.

· Enter your email address, street address and city of residence in their required slots.

· Fill in your state or the foreign country you currently reside in and the zip code.

· Enter your name of birth; there is also a slot to enter an alternative name in case you had a name change.

· You will be required to fill in the name of your city of birth, your age, citizenship and race.

· Confirm and consent to the information you have filled as true and genuine. It is important to note that fraudulent information may lead to a warrant for your arrest.

· $39 is the standard application fee required in order to complete the SSN card application. This can be paid through JCB, DISCOVER, VISA and MASTERCARD.

Advantages of Applying for SSN Online

· Fast and Easy. Online applications are done in the comfort of your home saving time and money. On the other hand, visiting the Social security office or the embassy or consulate requires you to create an appointment in advance which takes a lot of time to plan and execute.

· SSN comes with a lot of benefits including retirement benefits when you are approaching age 65, spousal benefits and many more.

· It is used by your employer to file your tax returns for the Internal Revenue Service.

· Financial institutions require your SSN for you to enjoy their services.

· The federal government needs it to determine your eligibility for students’ loans.

· Required to obtain a driving license.

· It required during the application for a passport, failure of which can lead to fines of up to $500.

· Your SSN will allow you to enjoy the Medicare provided by the government.

The Introduction of social security cards in the US has undoubtedly expanded the tax base in the country enabling the federal government to effectively collect revenue from its citizens. It has also helped the citizens by making basic services such as loans and Medicare readily available them. However, it has led to grotesque financial crimes such as; credit card fraud, medical identity theft among many others.

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