Dangers of not going with re-useable grocery bags

Yes, plastic grocery bags are convenient; no one will ever deny that fact. However, plastic grocery bags are also dangerous. They do not have a high recycling value as compared to Custom Reusable Bags because they are not very biodegradable. They are often littered along sidewalks, and they can cause many potential hazards.


Agricultural development is negatively affected by plastic grocery bags. As the plastic grocery bags mix into the soil, the bag will disallow the soil from collecting water and essential nutrients. This will force output of crops or flowers to recede.


It is not very widely known that plastic grocery bags negatively affect the survival of animals out in the wild. These plastic bags are often swallowed by animals mistaking it for nourishment. Sometimes, trying to ingest the bag leads to suffocation. If the animal is not suffocated, the plastic bag enters the stomach and inhibits other food from entering the digestive tract. In the end, the poor animal ends up suffering from starvation. This was the case on one farm where hundreds of sheep died. Unfortunately, this happens often in public zoos, beaches, and other areas where animals run free.


The plastic in these grocery bags will never completely break down. According to scientific study, depending on where the bag is, will determine the quantity of time for the breakdown. Buried in the soil, plastic grocery bags often take two hundred years to break down. If left on top of the ground, it takes an average of one-thousand years to breakdown. Finally, if left to rest in the water, a plastic grocery bag will typically take more than four-hundred years to break down.

Plastic grocery bags cause pollution primarily due to its chief component, petroleum. It can cause land pollution if it remains in the soil or water pollution if the breakdown occurs in a body of water. Air pollution is often caused by the burning of plastic grocery bags which releases the harmful toxins right into the atmosphere.


If individuals are presently in ownership of plastic grocery bags, there are things they can do with them instead of throwing them out. By recycling plastic grocery bags again, it will prevent them from turning into danger to the environment. They can be utilized in smaller wastebaskets as garbage bags, or individuals can take them to the grocery store and reuse them. Some individuals use them as storage containers or line their floor with them while painting to catch drops.

Almost every grocery store individuals go into; they offer plastic bags for carrying all items once bought. Next time, however, instead of using plastic grocery bags purchase a canvas tote to haul groceries. To assist in helping, many grocery stores charge individuals per plastic bag used, it might only be small pennies, but it is still something.


Being concerned with the environment is very useful nowadays, so it is best to do some daily basic recycling on your own. This is a simple way and can help you save by just reusing some stuff at your house. Also, in times that you have to carry your stuff in a bag, you can simply use a recent shopping bag that you got from the grocery store.


There are different ways that one can do to be able to recycle and also reuse some of the shopping bags that you have at home. This way, you can help in saving the environment even in a small way and also a big help to your budget. This method will make you spend less money on extra things that you need by just using bags for the alternative.

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